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Our Achievements


Ranging from 75$ to 100$ a week summer camp for many families is a luxury that they can't afford. Therefore In many communities children just spend their summer hanging around on the basketball courts and parks. Each year The Arc summer camp has made it possible for more than 60 children and teens to enjoy their summer vacation.


Canada is a country of opportunity and dreams but poverty has no frontier. We have been stepping in the gap of poverty by meeting families and individual basic needs through gift certificates for food so people can do their own groceries, buying foods they enjoy rather than having us choose their food.


Every child should have the right to play the sport they enjoy most. Unfortunately family finances too often are a stumbling block especially when other priorities such as food and paying rent are already a big problem. We have been creating sports programs to enable underprivileged kids to run laugh and play the sport they love in their own community. We meet them in their own area and provide a pleasant environment for them to practice sports.


During the past 2 years we have been putting smiles and joy in hundreds of families by extending our hands to them with food baskets, turkey distribution and finally a community diner where families can come eat, drink and dance together in a festive atmosphere.


The earthquake that struck Haiti left thousands of children without parents. The Arc orphanage is more than a shelter it's a safe haven where children can hope for a brighter future. We now have ten orphans which attend school in uniforms a real privilege for most kids in Haiti they also get love, food and a nice home.


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